Welcome to the BEE Ready 2030 Vision Plan Portal Page! We invite you to take our community survey’s as they become available!

Why Participate?
Bessemer City is in the process of rewriting the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  This ordinance defines how the City develops moving forward as the Charlotte Area continues to grow.  What types of growth do we want?  How do we want things to look?  Where do we want things to be?  What do we want to preserve?  How do we want to improve?

Preliminary Survey

Production - Business Campus Survey

Shop front mixed use survey

Drive thru survey

Fueling station/food store survey

Civic space survey

Housing: Mansion Survey

Housing Survey

Urban housing survey

Cottages survey

Manufactured housing survey

Accessory dwelling survey

Parking structure survey

Accessory structure survey

Townhouse survey

Duplex and triplex survey

Apartment houses survey

Apartment building survey

Community character boards survey




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